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I love all of our clients equally but... I might be a little biased towards people that share us with their friends and family. That's why I want to make it a no brainer for you to share us with everybody. And how am I going to do that you ask? I'm going to bribe you for every person that you get to schedule with us of course(; And trust me, these bribes are gooooood! Check them out:

Refer And Earn

Earn $25 per person

3 people

earn a year supply of MiNT air fresheners

5 people

earn a custom MiNT Hydroflask

10 people

earn a FREE PEPPER car detail

15 people

earn a "MONSTER" MiNT Minky Couture blanket

15 people

earn a MiNT Airpod PRO's

Your Friends Save Too

Everyone wins here at MiNT. Every person that you refer get $25 OFF their window cleaning when they use your promo code.

Get Your Promo Code

All you need now is your own promo code! That way we can make sure to track the people you refer and get you your rewards. And, of course, so your friends can save too. Fill out the form and I'll make your promo code ASAP.

Promo Code Form
(Most promo codes are just a combination of your first and last name EXAMPLE: GATLINMCB)