Your promo code is ready to share!

So lets get started

Texting, posting in facebook groups, and posting on your instagram story are the easiest ways to share MiNT with your friends. Most people that share in these 3 ways get 10-20 people to sign up within 2 days. Here are some ideas of what to say (you can even copy and paste it if you want).

1. Text your friends

Hey (Friends Name)! I just used MiNT Window Cleaning and they did an awsome job. They gave me a promo code to share with my friends for $25 OFF window cleaning if you schedule this week. So if you're needing your windows cleaned, for sure reach out to them. The promo code is (Your Promo Code). And here's their website so you can check them out

2. Facebook Groups


Hey everyone! If anyone is needing their windows cleaned, I just used MiNT Window Cleaning and they did an awsome job. They mentioned to me that they are running a special this week in our area for $25 OFF but you have to get scheduled this week. I highly recommend them! Just check out their website to get a free quote and make sure to use promo code (Your Promo Code) for $25 OFF!

3. Instagram Stories

So instagram stories are a little different. Videos do amazing. So just ask our crew members to take a few videos of them cleaning windows and then ask them to send you this picture so you can repost it with your promo code.